Historic flat and ornamental plaster is the element that gives an interior that historic “feel” whether from the gentle undulation of a simple traditional lime plaster or the grandiosity of an ornate coffered ceiling. Unfortunately, historic plaster work is also one of the first elements demolished in a renovation. At Village Green Restoration, we believe in the preservation of historic plasterwork whenever possible.  We specialize in the conservation of plaster through both traditional means and state of the art interventions. We have artisans on staff that can replicate any ornament through in-situ and bench top running and mold making.  When necessary, we also have extensive experience in consolidation and stabilization using polymer injection systems. 

Once the plaster is preserved, we can preserve and restore any number of finishes through in house and associated artisans including glazing, stenciling, gilding, wood graining and trompe l’oiel.

Read about our project at the Wakefield Estate in Milton.